About Us

UpToInvest’s mission is to show you how

At UpToInvest, we vowed to make it possible for anyone to learn everything they need to know about financial markets and how to take advantage of them.

Seven individual investors chose to combine years of collective knowledge and make it accessible to anyone curious enough to look for it.

Most of the financial media is a joke, and they don’t care about people’s money. Some media channels are becoming for entertainment purposes only, and nothing they offer is informative.

Unfortunately, you can say the same thing about some YouTube channels, where it’s becoming more common for those channels to give wrong information about different investment assets to serve their benefits.

The financial world can be dangerous for those who didn’t acquire enough knowledge and aren’t equipped with the right tools.


At UpToInvest, We love the fact that we can find almost any information for free nowadays. However, the amount of information out there is mind-boggling, and for a novice investor, it can be overwhelming.

All of us were novice investors at some point in our careers. Making mistakes is part of the learning process, but these mistakes might occur more frequently and more costly without guidance.

So, we came together. Seven different expertise in different financial markets to combine all of our knowledge in one place to be available for those who want to benefit from it.

At UpToInvest, We will share our honest financial views, analysis, and thoughts about different financial products and services. We won’t make decisions for you, but we will help you make better decisions on your own.

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